Tackling each custom solution with passion and determination, we’ve been working hard to turn heads for our clients. Here are a few of our projects that not only deliver great customer experiences, but have provided a great value for our clients.

Bringing the annotations to the social media age

Graffitify is next-generation social commenting that lets users write directly on top of content - including text, pictures and videos. We created innovative platform where users can write comments on top of every website.

Graffitify Application Preview

Easy and convenient way to present tourism in the Croatia

GoinCro is a web application which is the purpose of presentation of tourist activities and activities that are closely related to the Croatian tourist offer. GoinCro hired us to create the full solution for them, and the result was 500 sold ads in the first 6 months.

Goincro Application Preview

Clients that enjoy our services

We are trusted by established and startup companies to create their digital products and experiences.

  • Agilno Client - Strainprint
  • Agilno Client - Channel 1 Media
  • Agilno Client - Graffitify
  • Agilno Client - GoinCro
  • Agilno Client - BitCro
  • Agilno Client - InAtomic
  • Agilno Client - Levetto
  • Agilno Client - Aurora