Digitally transforming media planning business
Project duration
12 months

Who is Adapt Media?

Our client, Adapt Media is an OOH media company devoted to reaching Canadians at integral points on their path to purchase journey. Delivering colossal national scale with one billion monthly impressions in 1,000+ markets, Adapt hits Canadians at the exact moment that they’re looking to buy.

Pushing the OOH industry using
custom made technology
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    Project Manager
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    Solution Architect
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  • Discovery
  • Web development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Engineering
  • Analytics
  • DevOps
Components Built
  • Authentication
  • Admin system
  • Business intelligence
  • Dashboarding and charts
  • Campaign management
  • 120+ Data sources
  • Data transformation

Data Abundance, Insight Scarcity

Visualize a room full of expert marketers grappling with exhaustive spreadsheets and convoluted dashboards. They possess an abundance of geo-tagged data, yet the process of synthesizing this into actionable marketing insights is an arduous, multiple hour ordeal for every single report. 

Our client, a leading marketing agency, confronted this very dilemma: a plethora of untapped raw data and a glaring inefficiency in transforming it into strategic actions.

The Visionary Goal: Unified, Streamlined, and Data-Empowered

The agency’s CMO, aspired for a unified digital platform. He sought a solution where stakeholders could collaboratively access, comprehend, and operationalize their marketing data—a solution to automate the time-consuming task of manual data ingestion and convert it into discernable insights.

This is the transformation Agilno aimed to achieve.

The Agilno Initiative

We had one mission in mind: to transcend the boundaries of a standard Business Intelligence (BI) tool and orchestrate an entire ecosystem that revolutionizes the agency’s data analytics and reporting.

Digitally transforming media planning business
Digitally transforming media planning business
Digitally transforming media planning business

Maximize Time Efficiency

Drastically truncate the reporting cycle to mere minutes.

Enrich Data Visualization

Foster interactive, campaign-specific, and location-based reporting.

Achieve Data Scalability

Establish a platform capable of assimilating an unlimited influx of data sources.

Enable Strategic Media Planning

Empower the team to develop audience-centric, data-driven media strategies.

Features and Benefits

Our custom-built BI tool serves as a centralized command center for analytics, data visualization, and business management.

Automated Data Ingestion:

Seamless, automated integration of data into the system.

Interactive Dashboards:

Real-time, dynamic dashboards that offer personalized analytics experiences.

Unified User Platform:

A consolidated dashboard for stakeholders to cohesively analyze, interpret, and act on data.

Results & outcomes
Proof is in... the results
Cut down from 12 long hours to an
incredible 5 minutes.
Elevated by 30%, leading to more impactful
campaigns and an
enhanced ROI.
Accommodating limitless data sets,
thereby offering unparalleled
opportunities for growth.
Client testimonial
I had the great pleasure to work very closely with Petar and the Agilno team, to design and develop the core product for my company, Vetster. I can say without a doubt that it’s a pleasure to work with this team. They are friendly, goal and detail-oriented, yet very agile. Most importantly, they are able to take my ideas and implement them, making the product come to life. I would highly recommend working with Petar and the Agilno team!
Jane Smith
CMO, Adapt Media