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  • Up next:Beyond Excel: Modernizing Insurance with Tailored Digital SolutionsPetar Vukasinovic
Petar Vukasinovic, Founder & CEO
December 14
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Beyond Excel: Modernizing Insurance with Tailored Digital Solutions

Petar Vukasinovic
Founder & CEO
  • December 142023
  • 11:00AM EST5:00PM CET
  • Live StreamGoogle Meet
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    Petar Vukasinovic, Founder & CEO
    Your host

    Petar Vukasinovic

    Founder & CEO

    Petar embarked on his tech journey in 2011, rapidly advancing from a junior developer to leading tech roles with top Canadian firms. After creating projects for renowned sports brands like Patriots, Panthers, Nuggets, and 76ers, and serving as Director of Technology for Strainprint and VP of Engineering for Maya Health, he founded Agilno to deliver elite software solutions and digital experiences globally.

    Today, he advises banks and insurance companies on their technology, and he remains committed to mentoring startups and nurturing tech talent in his community.

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