Delivering a telemedicine app in 3 months
Project duration
1 year
Veterinary Telemedicine

Who is Vetster?

Vetster is a Toronto-based company that is disrupting pet healthcare with a marketplace that connects licensed veterinary professionals and pet owners through video chat appointments 24/7.

What is veterinary telemedicine?

Veterinary telehealth is the provision of veterinary care through digital means. It is a great solution for care in between in-clinic appointments, to provide support outside of clinic hours, or when pet owners are unsure of their next steps.

Whether your dog ate something they shouldn’t have or your cat just isn’t acting like themselves, pet owners can book a video chat, or voice-enabled appointment at times convenient to them from the comfort of their own homes.

From design to launch
in a single quarter
  • 1
  • 3
  • 1
  • Discovery
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
Components Built
  • Authentication
  • Onboarding
  • Client dashboard
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Live video & voice chat
  • Direct payment processing
  • Twilio
  • WebRTC
  • iOS
  • Android

A fast approaching deadline

The Vetster team was seeking to expand their engineering capacity to complete their web app project. The company had a tight timeline to bring the app to market. We were able to quickly assess and understand all aspects of the project and then worked quickly to onboard the team and get to work.

Components & tech

We worked with the Vetster team to create the front-end components for appointment scheduling, video and voice chat functionality, and a part of the administration panel and onboarding process. The biggest challenge was to develop video chat capabilities using Twilio and WebRTC that were fully operational on all iOS and Android devices.

Frameworks for success

By using an Agile framework, we established the initial project milestones and schedule, including initial sprints, daily stand-ups, and a thorough testing process. This helped to maintain open and clear communication between our team and the Vetster team, ensuring that we remained on track and in line with the project requirements.


Despite the challenges in terms of timing and specific project requirements, we successfully completed and launched this part of the project on time, with all the desired features fully functional.

Delivering a telemedicine app in 3 months
Delivering a telemedicine app in 3 months
Delivering a telemedicine app in 3 months
Delivering a telemedicine app in 3 months
Delivering a telemedicine app in 3 months
Next Step - Building a Mobile App

iOS & Android app development

The next project priority for the Vetster team was building a mobile app which would put all of their core capabilities in their customer’s hands with “on-the-go” convenience. The team wanted to ensure that all of the core functionality and capabilities of the web app were available through the mobile app.

Key functionalities

In close collaboration with the team, we created a custom design with a frictionless UX flow, essential functionalities like authentication, onboarding, client dashboards, the ability to create appointments, the ability to make payments directly through the app, and live video chat functionality.

Thanks to this collaboration, Vetster was able to launch their mobile app in the market, offering pet owners a seamless on-the-go experience.

Agile development leads to faster delivery

Using agile methods, we were able to quickly adapt to our client’s needs, prioritizing continuous interaction and transparency in our communication with the Vetster team and leveraging face-to-face communication where possible. By using an iterative approach, we were able to identify issues quickly, find solutions and suggest new approaches and adjustments in a timely manner.

Ultimately, this means that we were able to keep the project on track and on spec and ensure the Vetster team felt they were a collaborative partner throughout the entire project.

Results & outcomes
Proof is in... the results
App users
3 months
Mobile app launched
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