From successful demo to thriving partnership in developing innovative digital products
Project duration
6 months +
Insurance and Capital Markets

Our client, Coherent.global, is an innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that has a worldwide presence and is transforming how business and IT teams manage and integrate business logic.

At the core of Coherent’s offering is their powerful Coherent Spark technology. Spark allows businesses to easily convert complex Excel-based business logic into functional applications without the need for coding.

Coherent was seeking a strategic partnership with a team that possessed a unique combination of expertise in project and product management, top-notch skills in developing digital products, and industry-specific experience. The goal was to help Coherent and Coherent customers create digital products using Spark engine tailored to the industries they cater to. Agilno was chosen as the ideal partner to fulfill this objective.

Creating a Fintech Demo in Just 7 Days for a Major Industry Conference
  • 4
    Software Engineers
  • 1
    Product Designer
  • 1
    Project Manager
  • 1
    Product Owner
  • 1
    QA Engineer
  • Product Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
Components Built
  • Spark Integration
  • Entire fronted for the app
  • Measuring and displaying the speed of execution
  • Visualization of the results
  • Release management with hosting
  • PWA
  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Spark

Our thriving partnership with Coherent began with a demo we created for the FinovateFall 2022 conference, which is one of the world’s largest fintech conferences. We had just seven days to go from concept to finished product, so we quickly assembled a team consisting of a software engineer, a product designer, a project manager, a product owner, and a QA specialist. 

To accomplish this, we also had to quickly ramp up our understanding of Coherent’s Spark technology since we never used Spark and for this project, we had to use it to convert an Excel model into a ready to use API.  

As we only had one week to complete the project, we followed a process similar to a Design Sprint. On the first day, we focused on generating ideas and making plans. Once we had a plan in place, on the second day, we began designing the solution while the product owner set up Spark, and our engineer worked on project setup. Day 3 was dedicated to reviewing feedback and making any necessary changes to the concept and design. On days 4 and 5, we focused on rapid development and made frequent deployments so that the client could provide feedback in real-time. On the day before the conference, we tested and deployed the app in a stable environment, just in time for the FinovateFall conference.

Despite the tight timeline, and working on a product from the ground up, we were able to successfully deliver a fully functional Expected Credit Losses Calculator, which is a mobile application that calculates credit losses in a matter of seconds. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the demo app was delivered on time and met all the necessary requirements. 

At the conference, the Coherent CTO presented Spark and showcased the demo that our team had built. 

From successful demo to thriving partnership in developing innovative digital products
From successful demo to thriving partnership in developing innovative digital products
From successful demo to thriving partnership in developing innovative digital products
From successful demo to thriving partnership in developing innovative digital products
From successful demo to thriving partnership in developing innovative digital products
Industry focused applications as sales team assets

After successfully completing the Expected Credit Losses Calculator, our partnership with Coherent grew globally, and we continued to work with them on more applications based on their Spark technology. The next project we collaborated on was the Portfolio Optimization Tool, which presented a unique challenge of working with five teams located on different continents. The product owner was based in Hong Kong, the development team was located in Croatia, DevOps team in India, the project manager in Canada and the rest of the stakeholders were in the USA.

To overcome this challenge, we established a detailed communication plan and by leveraging the time zone differences to our advantage we embraced asynchronous collaboration between the team members.

As a part of the project management plan we documented the vision, goals and objectives of this project. We also documented scope, requirements, detailed technical documentation, budget, schedule and milestones, risks, constraints & assumptions. To make sure the client is up to date with developments, we organized a bi-weekly demo and weekly status update meetings. After the project was thoroughly planned and approved, our next step was to translate the scope, functional, and non-functional requirements into a solution design. The primary challenge we faced was ensuring that Spark WASM (Web Assembly) could be downloaded onto the user’s device without any significant delays. We also needed to ensure that the entire application was customizable using Excel, including the ability to add a new language to the application.

Once we completed the planning phase and prepared everything needed, we proceeded to develop the Portfolio Optimization Tool, a solution that assists in making investment decisions across a range of financial assets or instruments.

Since we had prior experience with Coherent’s Spark technology and had already developed an application, the development phase was efficient and went smoothly. Our team’s agile approach and focus on delivering high-quality, user-friendly apps were once again demonstrated through the successful launch of this tool.

Our partnership with Coherent continued after the successful completion of these two applications. We developed four more applications based on Spark technology, namely the 401k Calculator App, Bond Valuation Calculator, Cyber Rater App, and Home Affordability Calculator.

One significant impact of our collaboration was that we’ve provided Coherent’s sales teams with a flexible and adaptable solution that could be seamlessly integrated into their sales processes. This enabled them to close deals faster by offering industry-specific value propositions tailored to the needs of their clients.

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