Unveiling the Layers of Digital Strategy for LTCi Insurance
Project duration
3 months

Who is BuddyIns?

BuddyIns educates people on Long Term Care Insurance in a community environment and connects those looking to implement a LTC plan with their network of specialist partners. More than ten percent of the U.S. population is caring for a family member who is in the midst of a health crisis. BuddyIns is dedicated to those 40 million family caregivers providing extended care to a loved one.

The success of the project can be attributed to the digital strategy
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  • Product Strategy
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Components Built
  • High Level Design
  • Product Definition
  • Product Roadmap

Digital transformation

While digital transformation is often hailed as the catalyst for business evolution, the journey begins much before a single line of code is written. In the case of Buddy Insurance, a leader in Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance solutions, the key to a seamless transition lay in a well defined digital strategy. At Agilno, we understood that setting a clear roadmap was crucial. In this case study, we delve into the digital strategy, the keystone to the monumental transformation that would redefine Buddy Insurance’s digital landscape.

Beyond Spreadsheets and Ambiguity

For Buddy Insurance, the primary challenges included managing an Excel model that was used for quoting and planning the LTC, a repository of training resources, sales tools, and community information.

The absence of a cohesive digital strategy made this hard to discover and use. Furthermore, there was an imperative need to:

  • Define clear pathways for information accessibility
  • Identify opportunities for automation and self-service
  • Strategize the introduction of new revenue streams
  • Design user engagement models
Market and Stakeholder Research

Competitive Analysis

We conducted an in-depth review of competitors’ digital solutions, from their UI/UX design to features, and beyond.

Stakeholder Interviews

One-on-one interviews with Buddy Insurance’s internal team helped gain valuable insights into their workflow, expectations, and requirements.

User Personas

We segmented users based on behavior patterns and goals, outlining different personas to inform the entire digital strategy.

Process Mapping

Current State Analysis

Our team studied Buddy Insurance’s existing processes, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for improvements.

Future State Definition

We laid out a visionary yet achievable future state, replete with digitized solutions and automated functionalities.

Gap Analysis

Agilno analyzed the gaps between the current and future states, which informed our prioritization strategy.

Business Model Planning

Revenue Stream Identification

Based on market research and stakeholder interviews, we identified new potential revenue streams.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

We conducted a financial model to understand the ROI of implementing different elements of the digital strategy.

Impact Mapping

To ensure that all activities were aligned with business goals, we employed impact mapping.

Objectives to Actions

Each business goal was dissected to identify the underlying activities necessary to achieve it.

Stakeholder Impact

For each activity, the impact on different stakeholders was assessed.

Metrics Alignment

KPIs were mapped to each activity, ensuring every action could be measured for its impact and success.

Technology Plan

Tech Stack Assessment

We evaluated the existing technology stack, determining whether to build upon it or start anew.

Infrastructure Planning

A detailed infrastructure plan, including server requirements, data storage solutions, and security protocols, was drafted.

Scalability Considerations

Ensuring future scalability was integrated into the technology plan from the onset.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Risk Inventory

Every potential risk, from budget overruns to technology failures, was cataloged.

Mitigation Strategies

Customized mitigation plans were developed for each identified risk.

Results & outcomes
Proof is in... the results
From nebulous ideas to concrete
plans, we achieved full clarity.
Stakeholders were not just on the
same page; they were aligned down
to the minutest of details.
Impact mapping ensured that every
action had a purpose, and every
resource was optimized.