Creating an educational app for tracking mental health and well-being
Project duration
12 months

MyDelica is a company that analyzes how psilocybin (derived from magic mushrooms) affects people’s health and behavior. It was founded by dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, a psychologist and neuroscientist and a Head of the Center for Psychedelic Research at the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London. He coordinated the first clinical study of psilocybin in the UK and the first clinical study of a classic psychedelic drug in the UK for over 40 years.

The MyDelica team came to us with an idea to create a mobile app that will provide psychedelic users with extensive resources for their safe and enjoyable use of psilocybin. Generally speaking, people are interested in using psychedelics but are reluctant to start because of the lack of verified information.

As Agilno had significant experience building a mobile app for Strainprint, a leading medical cannabis data company, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris and their team reached out to us to analyze the concept and develop it into a viable solution.

The User Comes First: The Key to Creating an Exceptional Experience
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  • Strategy
  • Discovery
  • Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Branding
  • Product Validation
Components Built
  • Authentication
  • Onboarding
  • Survey engine
  • Analytics
  • Content Library
  • AWS
  • Django
  • Auth0
  • React

Product Strategy

Phase 1- Research and Competitive Analysis

Agilno’s Product Owner and Business Analyst researched the competition and the market. Although there were similar products in the market, our research found that they did not provide an easy to use and fulsome platform that allowed users or those looking into psilocybin to access detailed and accurate information. Furthermore, after a detailed market analysis, we had a meeting with MyDelica stakeholders to determine their specific requirements and platform functionality. We also conducted user interviews with potential app users and analyzed their needs and problems.

Phase 2 – Alignment

In one week, both teams joined together and clearly defined product goals, user personas, and user journeys. As a result of these joint sessions, we made the decision to target two key customer groups initially – first-time psychedelic users and psychonauts (experienced users).

Phase 3 – Ideation

As a result of many meetings, workshops, and brainstorming sessions, we created mockups and potential solutions. Later, we pitched it to the Mydelica team and moved on to the next phase.

Phase 4 – Validation

To validate the market demand for MyDelica’s product, we conducted a viability testing campaign. This involved creating an informational landing page, MVP mockup apps, and a Google Ads campaign to gauge interest. The project also received immediate validation from the media, with Vice, Wired, and Mashable covering the app. With this evidence of market interest, we presented our proposed solution and plan to the MyDelica team for building the platform.

Creating an educational app for tracking mental health and well-being
Creating an educational app for tracking mental health and well-being
Creating an educational app for tracking mental health and well-being
Creating an educational app for tracking mental health and well-being
Creating an educational app for tracking mental health and well-being
The Dual Focus of MyDelica's Early Development

HIPAA Compliance

Ensuring that we protected the privacy and data of all users was our top priority. We collaborated with lawyers and data protection officers to ensure that we were protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of users’ health information. We implemented the Auth0 tool to separate users’ data and our regular data in different databases and servers. We also integrated the Vanta tool, a leading automated security and compliance platform, to achieve SOC2 and HIPAA compliance.

Building The MyDelica Brand

Since MyDelica was in its infancy and had no defined brand book and guidelines, we hosted several discovery workshops to get feedback on how the MyDelican team see themselves and their role in their users’ psilocybin journeys. We then assisted in creating a logo, defined tone of voice, color palette, and graphic library – a complete brand book.

Results & outcomes
Proof is in... the results
7000 Subscribers
in viability testing campaign
Used for research
by Imperial College London