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Mobile Applications

5 reasons why your hybrid mobile app will fail

When you google “Hybrid app development” you will find such a wonderful value proposition. Build once run anywhere, single codebase,
Project Management

5 reasons why scrum adoption fails

There is no question about it, Scrum is a great development process, but there are some situations where it can fail.

How programmers see company culture

You probably already heard and read about company culture, but it may still be unclear to you what it exactly
Frontend Development

Should you start optimizing every part of your React app?

When we talk about app optimizations and performance it’s important to note it comes with a cost. Recently I’ve been
Backend Development

Why cyclic dependency errors occur – a look into the Python import mechanism

This article is written with Python 3.7 in mind. If you’re using an older version, keep in mind that some
Backend Development

Tips on how to pick your technology stack

Do you want to create an app and have trouble picking your technology stack? Can you decide between using C#
Project Management

How to choose the right development process for your company

If your company is in the IT industry, you probably heard about Scrum and Kanban as a go-to development process.
Mobile Applications

How to validate your app idea before investing your money

Without a doubt, the app market is one of the fastest-growing markets today. As the industries are expanding, so is
Mobile Applications

What you need to know about making an app startup

Do you have a mobile app idea and don’t know where to start? You already did some prototypes and figured