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Integrate Stripe Payments into Your Marketplace Site

Introduction to Stripe As a web developer, selecting the appropriate payment service provider for your project can pose a daunting
Ivan Car, Fullstack Developer at Agilno, in the office in front of Agilno logo.
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How researching dolphins can lead you to software engineering?

Meet Ivan Car, a Full Stack Developer at Agilno. To begin, tell us about your college journey. We hear it’s
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Our clients benefit from unit testing so you can too

There are numerous online articles listing the usual, generally accepted reasons for why unit tests should not be neglected. But
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Why cyclic dependency errors occur – a look into the Python import mechanism

This article is written with Python 3.7 in mind. If you’re using an older version, keep in mind that some
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Tips on how to pick your technology stack

Do you want to create an app and have trouble picking your technology stack? Can you decide between using C#