Agilno Continues Expanding Canadian Footprint in Toronto Region

TORONTO – Agilno, a custom software development company specializing in creating digital solutions using emerging technologies, continues its international expansion, growing its business in the Canadian market and scaling its office in Toronto. Globally recognized as one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies by Clutch, Agilno plans to leverage the region’s deep tech talent pool to hire roles in Product Management, UI/UX, and Software Development. 

The company delivers end-to-end development of large systems, focusing on digital strategy, and project and product management. From product discovery, creating a design concept, and planning the product development right through to launching the software, the Agilno team works to create on-time and on-budget results that meet its client’s business objectives. Agilno’s significant contributions to the tech landscape here in the Toronto Region range from collaborating with businesses and organizations to create custom software solutions to providing training opportunities for local tech professionals and startups – all in the name of driving excellence in digital transformation and helping the region stay competitive in the global market. 

Petar Vukasinovic, Founder & CEO of Agilno, shares his story on how a personal connection to Toronto aligned perfectly with the company’s expansion needs:

“Ever since I was 12, I wanted to move from Split to Toronto, and at the age of 19, I managed to do so to start a career as a Software Engineer. Little did I know where it would lead me! As I was spending my time here, I fell in love with the people, city, country, and culture that embraced what I had to offer. After moving back to Croatia to start the Agilno company, I realized that 100 percent of the business was coming from Toronto, so it was a no-brainer to move back and expand Agilno here.”

Not only is Toronto a thriving technology hub with a strong and diverse economy, but access to a skilled talent pipeline, the proximity to key partners in international markets, and the availability of resources and infrastructure were all critical factors in the company’s decision-making process. Throughout their expansion process, Agilno worked closely with Toronto Global, a team of experienced business advisors assisting global businesses to expand into the Toronto Region.

“A reflection of the Founder’s own story, people from around the world come to Toronto to gain a world-class education, jumpstart their careers, and be part of a respected community of industry professionals and entrepreneurs in the world’s fastest-growing tech hub,” said Stephen Lund, CEO of Toronto Global. “We are excited to celebrate and support Agilno’s growth as a valuable member of our innovation ecosystem here in the Toronto Region.”

The company takes pride in ensuring its employees feel valued and love being part of the team. Agilno prioritizes a people-first culture, employing people with diverse backgrounds and experiences while recognizing individual perspectives and needs. By providing pathways for professional development, increasing vacation days, offering holiday bonus incentives, and supporting travel opportunities between its offices in Croatia and Canada, Agilno has seen productivity, creativity, and engagement boosted among its employees. From software engineers, project managers, and product owners, to sales and marketing executives, Agilno plans to continue growing and recruiting talent throughout the course of 2023. Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming tech firm! 

For more information, check out agilno.com. 

About Agilno

Agilno is a global custom software development company using emerging technologies to create innovative solutions that solve our client’s challenges. Since 2016, Agilno has partnered with leading global brands to create innovative digital solutions and transform businesses. We are a team driven by results and excited to build for the future. From strategic planning to execution, we’re turning ideas into solutions that drive results.

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