Petar Vukasinovic, Founder and CEO at Agilno, sitting in the office. In the background developers working, Agilno logo on the wall.

We’re expanding to Canada

Big news! We are excited to announce that we are opening our offices in Toronto, Canada. 

Why Canada?

There is a long-term bond between Agilno & Canada. Actually, the idea of Agilno started just there, some 10 years ago. Back then, our Founder and CEO, Petar Vukašinović, decided to take a giant leap and start his programming career there. From gaining first clients to creating a network of companies to associate with – Canada has been a stepping stone for Agilno. So, it’s no surprise that most of our clients today come from North America.

How are we going to do that?

It’s not easy to expand your business to another country, especially overseas, even though you’ve got experience of living and working there. That’s why we decided to apply to Launch’s Maple Program, a Canadian government program that supports emerging tech companies in growing their businesses. After completing the application procedure and being selected for the program, we are moving to the next stage – setting up our offices. And we’ve already got two BDs and a Web designer. Soon, many more will join our team, and our Canadian office will be at full speed.

‘The physical presence of employees in Toronto is extremely important to us, in order to better serve our clients, but also to work more closely on innovative ideas.’ Petar Vukašinović, Founder and CEO

There is still a big road ahead of us, but that’s us – embracing change and exceeding expectations every day, in every moment, and with every project. In 6 months up to 1 year, you can expect to see the Agilno logo in Toronto.

Agilno team in Split, Croatia
Photo: Ivan Gracin

What are we planning to do in Canada?

We are a software development company that:

  • Launches new ideas
  • Makes stronger teams
  • Streamlines user experiences
  • Creates better products
  • Scales clients’ operations

Pangea ranked us in the top 7% of engineering companies in the world, and our office in Toronto will help us reach more talents and further deliver top-notch solutions. 

The goal is to continue building our client network and have closer contact with Canadian hubs and clients. Toronto has been growing as a global tech hub with the highest rates of job creation in the tech field. And we want to contribute too and help companies realize their full potential using technology.

The future is bright!

After opening our new offices in Toronto, the first goal is to send the Croatian team to Canada for a visit and vice versa. This will be happening on a regular basis because we want to connect both offices to feel like one and create a supportive work atmosphere. 

Exciting times are coming, and we can feel it. With new clients, new offices, new people coming in – Agilno is on the fast track to fulfilling its 2025 mission.