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The Agilno Workflow
Combine your favorite tools & APIs to build high performance sites, stores, and apps.
Phase 1: Discovering the product strategy
Instead of focusing on building the product right, first we need to focus on building the right product. With a series of product discovery workshops, we work together on identifying the customers problems and needs, so we can later validate our ideas and land the best solution.
Step 1
Strategic Vision
Together we define an overall vision for the product which speaks to the goals and desires for the future.
User personas
Who are we building this for? By understanding customers’ expectations, motivations, and challenges, we are able to build a product that brings true value and that people will use and love.
Impact Mapping
With this strategic planning technique, we help teams to align functionalities and activities to the overall business goals.
After deciding on functionalities and gaining the whole product scope, we create an interactive mockup that demonstrates fundamental design and functionalities, without working code.
Phase 2: Strategic planning of product development
We put great emphasis on the planning part. Why? First, we want to make sure everyone is aligned to the same goal in order to track progress and set performance standards. And second, we make decisions about what technology to use that will best support the future digital product.
Step 2
Skilled professionals
We start with creating the best team structure to enable them to work efficiently, and gain a deep level of understanding the goals and objectives we wish to achieve.
Technology Stack
Different projects require different tech stack depending on the product goals, requirements, and scalability. We define the best suitable solution that will support your project in the next couple of years.
Project management plan
We plan the project by breaking it into several phases, thus enabling a continuous development and improvement, and we prepare a complete set of documentation and tools to track the progress.
Phase 3: Building the solution
The agile methods are at the core of our work and help us stay one step ahead at all times, but are not set in stone. Depending on the project, we sometimes combine agile with waterfall. We will define the best suitable work method that suits the team.
Step 3
We’ve helped 42+ projects to be launched and here is how:
Four eyes principle
Every code and action must be reviewed and approved by another team member. So, you will hear a lot about pull requests which add a level of security for any decision that is made.
Quality assurance
This ensures that errors are caught at the early stages of development, the project is built efficiently and the software development team is meeting the users needs.
Clean code
One of our work standards is ‘clean code’ which ensures the code to be easy to change and understand. It speeds up the work, makes it easier to onboard new developers, and in the end, most importantly, lowers the costs of product development.
Phase 4: Launching and continuous improvement
Our work doesn’t stop with the launch of the product. A user is always in our focus and we work continuously on improving the product to help our clients stay ahead in the market.
Step 4
We ensure that your product is successfully launched on the market. Different platforms have different requirements and standards and we’ll make sure that everything checks out.
Requirement Gathering
We listen to what customers are saying, what can be improved and what they essentially need in order to improve their user experience.
Creating and building new functionalities
A digital product is never finished. It should always stay on evolutionary trajectory because users change as well as their behavior, so naturally the product needs to change. We work diligently on upgrading the digital product to further drive our clients business outcomes.
Monitoring data
Together, we monitor if the product is being used the way we planned and built it. If not, we act accordingly and build new features or change the existing ones.
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