Technology is surely important, but at Agilno, we believe a product as a whole is more than just technology. Consumer perception, market feasibility, competitive landscape, value proposition, and long-term product vision – we take all those factors into account before we write a line of code.

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React Native gives you power to build cross-platform

Mobile application development with React Native combined with synchronous API, JS powered performance and effortless development enables us to build Android and iOS apps simultaneously, while saving up significantly on your cost and time.

We built a proof of concept event app in a month

CannaX is a cannabis event app that connects cannabis event organizers, professionals and enthusiasts in one place. with professionals from the industry. targeted towards cannabis event organizers and people who work in the industry. We had the first bare-bone version of this product done in a month. After the launch, We iterated week over week to build an MVP, and then the fully-featured product.

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Exploration and Discovery

At this stage, it is cheap to fail, so we experiment a lot. In collaboration with you, we design, prototype and test ideas until we find what works for your business. Our team studies your idea, product positioning, target market, user base and competitive landscape.

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This process is made out of 2 steps. Creating user experience design and visual design. We build wireframes, prototypes, user personas and flows, giving each detail a final polish. Testing and reiterating continues and we move quickly to the final specification. At the end of the process, you will get clickable prototype of your app.

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Once the detailed prototype is approved and specifications clear, we start with the full product lifecycle development. We organize daily stand ups, 2 week sprints, product demos, code reviews and QA process to ensure quality and successful delivery. We fully integrate our product team into your organization.

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Fine consistency, delightful UX and high performance apps

We have chosen React Native as our go to framework for building cost effective mobile applications. Backed by Facebook and used by some of the world's largest companies, React Native puts a stop to the age-old confusion that mobile app entrepreneurs face when choosing a cost effective solution.

We built full featured, 100+ screens app from an idea to 50K active users

From MVP to product/market fit to scale, we have been there at every stage of product development. We helped Strainprint to create a full featured mobile app and then scale it to tens of thousands active users.


We work closely with our clients to help them build data driven software solutions that generate results and ROI

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Cross platform development

It’s more cost effective and faster to use technologies like React Native to build fast and user-centric mobile apps that work on both platforms. This approach makes it ideal for MVPs and startups.

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UI / UX design

By focusing on the user and user experience, we will create intuitive user flows and wireframes to give you a starting plan of how your mobile app will work and ow it is laid out. We will also create a clickable prototype of your mobile app that you can use to test before moving on to the build phase.

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App Technical Support

We will be with you every step of the way from inception to materialization and ongoing support. We will take care of everything – from creating Google and Apple developer accounts and setting up beta testing to create the copy for the App store placement and even the screenshots for the preview. Ultimately, we will submit the app to the App store and check for any issues that might arise.

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Analytics & Testing

Analytics are an indispensable part of your app growth and business success. We will integrate crash report analytics into your app to analyze and monitor potential app crashes and other operational bugs. We also test how fast the app is and if there are any further improvements to be made. You need to ensure that your app can cater to thousands of users and can scale without breaking.

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We integrate your mobile app with tools like Firebase Analytics, Apps Flyer and Amplitude so you can have a full picture of your users journey, from acquisition, to your app usage. This approach will help you understand your users and improve user acquisition and retention.