Advancing tracking of cannabis patient outcomes

Strainprint Technologies is the leader in demand-side cannabis data and analytics. Our partnership started in 2016 with Strainprint, company that was created by patients for patients with a mission to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a mainstream therapy.


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The Challenge

Strainprint founders being patients them self knew that cannabis industry is lacking data around patient outcomes. They wanted to solve the problem by building cannabis journal and they needed technical partner experienced in developing mobile apps and had the potential to take entire development process. The collaboration started with intense workshop of Agilno developers, Strainprint designers and key stakeholders. This helped us understand the insights, frame the technology stack and vision for executing idea into the product.


Flawless user on-boarding

Once the user downloads the app, it is important that user knows what to do next. We programmed authentication and post registration questionnaire that helped user setup profile and start tracking cannabis intake for their symptoms and conditions.


Make outcome tracking easy and intuitive

Tracking the patient outcomes is the core of this app and this process had to be flawless. We created multiple algorithms that classified outcomes, remembered user preferences, and reminded users through scheduled notifications to complete outcome tracking.


Encourage retention and frequent use

Creating loyalty program from scratch has its own challenges. Strainprint wanted to award their users for frequent use so we helped them create loyalty engine with all bells and whistles: Product management, Rewards and Points engine, Redemptions, Marketing Automation and many more.


It has never been easier to learn and discover

We devised algorithms to create a recommendation engine that analyzed and recommended cannabis products based on person preferences, past usage and what is trending on the market. It has never been easier for users to discover cannabis products that work for them.


Some challenges we solved ALONG the way

Loyalty program checks and balances

The Strainprint Loyalty program, built into the app, is an integral part of user acquisition and retention. To prevent any fraudulent use and to ensure data quality we implemented Naive Bayes machine learning algorithm that used Binary classification to identify any data and usage anomalies.

Becoming HIPPA, PHIPEDA and GDPR compliant

We helped Strainprint adapt their software to become fully HIPPA, PHIPA, PHIPEDA and GDPR compliant. This involved implementation of secure storage for company wide passwords, implementing cookie policies and making sure data resides on secure servers in approved locations. We also configured location based policies in the system to comply with regulations set by different countries and states.


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Loyalty redemptions


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LOVE this app. I'm a heavy medical user and strain print has helped me find the right strain for all my needs. The points system is an amazing bonus, I've redeemed a lovely shirt and hat as well as the best smell proof case ever, it fits my whole kit. Perfect. Thanks for making such an amazing app

Sydney Quinn

January 6, 2020

I've been using this app since it's release. The additions/ improvements I've seen since then are fantastic. Being able to view past sessions, what others use for specific conditions/symptoms, find cultivars by terpene profile and read up on others before deciding to purchase are just a few of the features I enjoy. A multitude of information at my disposal.


November 6, 2019

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